Push Configuration for Apple iOS

Update time: 2021/12/06 07:53:29

Create request certificate (CSR file)

  • Click "Access to Keychain" in the OSX system to generate a request certificate.
  • Fill in a common email address in certificate information, and save to the disk.

create a project ID

  • Log in to "iOS Dev Center" and access to "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles".
  • Click left "iOS Apps Ids" to enter the List of Identifiers - App IDs. * Click right "+" symbol to create App ID.

Enable "Push Notification" function for App

  • Click the created App, and select the "Edit" button.

  • Check "Push Notifications" function, and click the "Configure Certificate" button to view the corresponding page. Please focus on the type of development certificate. The development certificate is used for development and debugging; the production certificate is used for release.

Configure a certificate

  • Upload the generated request certificate (CSR file), and click "Generate".

    * After completion, certificate is downloaded and opened, and will be input to key string automatically. The input certificate can be found in "My certificate" under "Accessing key string".

Export p12 file required for a push

  • Select imported certificate, and select "Export" option under the right-click menu.
  • Please set a password when saving p12 file, and fill in this password when uploading the certificate.

Upload to the CommsEase server

  • Access to "CommsEase Administration Center", select the corresponding app of appkey, and click "Apply Configuration" option.

  • Upload exported p12 file as shown in the Figure. You can upload multiple p12 files that can be distinguished by the certificate name filled in when uploading.

  • Please select the same environment ("development environment" [online environment] or "production environment" [test environment]) where the certificate is generated.

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  • Create request certificate (CSR file)
  • create a project ID
  • Enable "Push Notification" function for App
  • Configure a certificate
  • Export p12 file required for a push
  • Upload to the CommsEase server