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Real-name authentication is categorized into two types: individual real-name authentication and organization real-name authentication. Upon registering for a CommsEase account, it is crucial to complete the real-name authentication process using the setup assistant. Failure to do so may restrict your access to certain services and resources provided by CommsEase. If there is a change in the account owner, it's important to promptly update the real-name authentication information.


  • Ensure accurate identity information: Be cautious when entering your identity information. Making three or more incorrect submissions within a day will result in a temporary submission restriction by the system.

  • Transition between authentication types: After completing individual real-name authentication, you can switch to organization real-name authentication. However, it's important to note that once you've completed organization real-name authentication, you cannot revert to individual real-name authentication.

  • Waiting period for identity change: You are unable to change the identity for authentication of the same category within 30 days of completing the initial authentication.

Real-name authentication has a direct impact on the ownership of accounts and resources. If personal information is used for organization-based authentication, subsequent changes in personnel or account disputes may have an adverse effect on the business and could even lead to financial losses. Prior to authenticating your real name, ensure that the resources you purchase and use for CommsEase's products and services are rightfully owned by individuals or enterprises.

Authentication types

Type Individual Organization
Applicability Individual developers Enterprises, governmental organizations, institutions, and organizations
Ownership Account and resources belong to individuals Account and resources belong to organizations


  • Face recognition
  • Verification code with phone number
  • Card authentication
  • Operator identity authentication
  • Payment verification


Name, ID number, phone number, bank card

  • Operator information: name, ID number, phone number
  • Organization information:organization name, unified social credit code or license number, name of the legal entity, business account.


  • inaccessible to dedicated line or SMS plans (20 SMS for free trial)
  • Eligible for personal contract or VAT invoices
  • upgrade to organization authentication
  • accessible to all our products and services
  • Eligible for organization contract or VAT invoices or special paper invoices
  • Unable to downgrade to individual authentication
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