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The CommsEase console is a comprehensive application management platform that allows you to create applications, activate services, perform real-name authentication, manage expenses, monitor operational analytics, and get technical support. You can manage and track applications and obtain the necessary technical support and resources to improve the operations of applications and user experience.

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Creating applications

You can create and manage applications in the console, get the credentials for authentication and integrate them into your application. For information about how to create an application, see Creating an applications.

Activating products and services

If you have created an application, select and activate products and services for your application, such as instant messaging, audio and video calling, and SMS. Configure and monitor the service after the service is activated. For more information about how to activate or try services, see Activate Services.

Real-name identity verification

To ensure the security and compliance of the application, the console provides the service to verify the real-name identities for individuals and organizations. You can submit the required information for real-name verification and perform identity verification in the console to comply with relevant regulations and policies. For more information, see Real-name authentication.

Access control

Access control is one of the important features you can use in the console. With effective access control, only authorized accounts can access and use the features and resources in the console.

Managing expenditure

The console also allows you to manage expenditures and makes it easy for you to monitor and manage the expenditure of your services. View the expense details, usage and billing records of the services for expense budgeting and management. In addition, the console provides flexible billing models and package options to meet different usage needs. For more information, see Expense Management.

Service usage analytics

The console provides analytics and insights for products and services you have activated to help understand and track the usage and performance of applications. You can view diagrams and charts for events, such as user activities, messages sent and received, call records, and real-time status and performance metrics of applications to make data-driven decisions and optimize user experience and features.

Technical Support

Get comprehensive technical support in the console. Fill out the appropriate form in the ticket system to describe the details of your issues and submit them to the technical support team, or contact us using the WhatsApp account for technical support.

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