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Update time: 2023/10/12 06:41:47

The account balance is the main account you use to pay for expenses and purchases on the CommsEase platform. This page will introduce how you can use the account balance.

You can use the aAccount balance to manage the fees for products and services, for example, to top up your account, use the account amount to purchase products and services.

View account balance

You can log in to the CommsEase console and go to Billing > Account Balance to view the account balance.


Account balance details

  • Available credit: This is the amount you can use to buy CommsEase products and services. You can calculate it as follows: Available Credit = Account Balance - Unpaid Amount.

  • Payment settlement: The console deducts the amount used by vouchers and reduces your account balance accordingly when making payments.

  • Account balance: It's the remaining amount in your account after online wire transfers or bank transfers, excluding vouchers and promotional offerings.

  • Unpaid amount: This is the total of all outstanding bills after accounting for any applicable discounts, like vouchers.

On the account balance page, you can track your spending by viewing a trend display. Here's what you'll find in the Billing Spending Trend section:

Usage Trend Chart: This chart displays expense statistics for all products and services used within a specified time range. You can see the total consumption amount and detailed trends based on your preferences.

Time range selection: You can choose different time ranges to analyze spending trends based on your requirements.

Expense statistics do not include unpaid bills.

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