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Update time: 2023/09/13 08:23:20

This page describes the settings of your application, including basic information, AppKey, app identifiers, syncing webhooks, and certificates for push notifications. You can configure custom settings based on your requirements.


  • An application has been created in the console. If you do not have an application, Create an application.

Editing basic information

You can Edit the basic information for an application:

  • Application name: identifier of your application.
  • Industry type: The industry to which the application belongs.
  • Environment: Indicates whether the AppKey for the specified application is used for testing or deployment.

Managing AppKey

An AppKey is a unique key that identifies your application. In the AppKey tab, you can:

  • View the AppKey used by your application.
  • Refresh or manually set the AppSecret.

AppKey and AppSecret are added to the configuration file or settings in the codebase of your app for authentication. Keep them safe and confidential.

Syncing webhooks

COnfigure syncing webhooks in the settings to sync data, such as messages or events between CommsEase server with your preset server in real time via HTTP/HTTPS requests. For more information, see Syncing webhooks.

  • Edit the URL of the preset server: Specify the server address for syncing webhooks.
  • Turn on or off the syncing webhook service.

By configuring syncing webhooks, you can sync messages received by your application to your preset server in real time for message processing and storage.

Configure app identifiers

Configure the app identifier in the console before signing in. If your app identifier is not configured, app users will fail to sign in.

  1. Go to the homepage of the CommsEase console.

  2. Find the application in the Applications section on the homepage of the console.

  3. Select the Identifiers tab in Settings

  4. Edit the following fields as required in Identifier Management:

Field Description
iOS Bundle Identifier Identifier of an iOS app. You can add multiple identifiers and separate them with commas(,).
Android Package Name Identifier of an Android app.You can add multiple identifiers and separate them with commas(,).
  1. Turn on Verify identifiers and click Save.

    login requests will be denied if the identifier of your app is not included in the preceding list.

The setting takes effect immediately if applied.

Adding certificates

You can add different types of certificates in the console, including .p12, .p8, and PushKit push certificates for iOS apps, and push certificates from various Android vendors.

Push certificates for Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Meizu, Google(FCM), VIVO and OPPO are supported.

Make sure the certificates configured in the console stay updated and valid.

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