transferTeam method Null safety

Future<NIMResult<List<NIMTeamMember>>> transferTeam(
  1. String teamId,
  2. String account,
  3. bool quit

Transfer the group ownership to another user, who becomes the new group owner afterward. The former group owner became a normal member. If the quit parameter is set to true, the former group owner automatically leaves the group after the transfer. InvocationFuture You can set the callback function. If the callback is invoked, the quit parameter's value determines the returned parameters. If the quit parameter is false, the returned parameters only include the former group owner and the current group owner. If the quit parameter is true, the returned parameter is empty.


Future<NIMResult<List<NIMTeamMember>>> transferTeam(
    String teamId, String account, bool quit) {
  return _platform.transferTeam(teamId, account, quit);