addMembersEx method Null safety

Future<NIMResult<List<String>>> addMembersEx(
  1. {required String teamId,
  2. required List<String> accounts,
  3. required String msg,
  4. required String customInfo}

Add group members and set a custom field. teamId: The group ID accounts: Accounts (accid) of the users to be added to the group. msg: The invitation's additional information. If the additional information is not required, leave the parameter empty. customInfo: The custom extension field. Leave the parameter empty if the custom extension field is not needed.


Future<NIMResult<List<String>>> addMembersEx(
    {required String teamId,
    required List<String> accounts,
    required String msg,
    required String customInfo}) {
  return _platform.addMembersEx(teamId, accounts, msg, customInfo);