Enable and configure superteam

Update time: 2024/03/14 18:45:33

A superteam can be created for large-scale group chats. Up to 10,000 participants can join a superteam. Due to the special use case of a superteam, not all the management features provided by the advanced group are available for superteams.

The superteam is a paid extension capability that are available after you upgrade from IM Basic to IM Pro. This document describes how to activate and configure the superteam feature.


IM Pro is activated.

Enable superteam

  1. Select the application in the Applications section on the home page, click Services in the left-side navigation pane and select IM.

  2. on the Group chat tab at the top to enable the superteam.

  3. Read and confirm the settings, and click **Confirm to activate superteams,

  4. After it is enabled, you can edit the maximum number of groups and the maximum number of superteams above 2000.

    • Maximum group capacity: the maximum number of participants in each superteam, the default capacity is 2000 participants
    • Maximum number of superteams with 2000+ participants: the maximum number of superteams with more than 2000 participants, the default value is 20.
  5. (Optional) If a user who has just joined a superteam needs to view message history, click Settings.

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