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Update time: 2023/10/08 01:40:58

Before using Moderator, you can activate it in the CommsEase console.

  • Moderator is available for free trial. You can request a free trial in the CommsEase console. If your request is approved, you can have a 7-day content moderation service for free.
  • To continue the moderation service after the free trial expires, contact CommsEase sales.


  • Before activating Content Moderator, you must upgrade the IM to IM Pro.

  • The endpoint for data sync is configured.. Moderation results will be sent to the endpoint. Configure the endpoint when you activate the moderation services. Make sure the endpoint is valid.


  1. Log on to the CommsEase console.

  2. Request a free trial.

    1. Find the specified application in the console, click Content Moderator on the right side, and click Confirm in the pop-up window.

    2. After the request is approved, CommsEase sales manager will reach you for help and activate the service.

  3. After the activation is complete, you can configure the moderation rules.

    1. Configure the URL for data sync.

      The data sync URL can receive moderation results of content moderation for IM and RTC. If you have not activated the data sync service and and not data sync URL is configured, go to the CommsEase console and configure the URL for your corresponding app.

      If you have activated the data sync service, the same URL is used for IM and RTC by default.

    2. Handle suspicious content.

      Click Configuration to configure responses to passed content and suspicious content.

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