Status codes

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Server status codes

code Description Troubleshooting Guide
200 Successful operation
201 Incorrect client version, please upgrade the SDK
301 Disabled
302 Incorrect user name or password See Status Code 302
315 IP restriction
403 Invalid operation or no permission See Status Code 403
404 Object cannot be found See Status Code 404
405 The parameter length is too long
406 Object read-only
408 Client request times out See Status Code 408
413 SMS verification failed
414 Error parameter See Status Code 414
415 Client network problem
416 Frequency control The invoking frequency exceeds limit of interface.
417 Repeat operation See Status Code 417
418 SMS channel is not available
419 The quantity exceeds the limit
422 Account is disabled
431 HTTP request is repeated
500 Server Internal Error
503 Server is busy
508 Message recall time exceeded
509 Invalid agreement
514 Service not available
998 Unpacking error
999 Package error
801 The quantity of team members exceeds limit If the "Number of members invited to team" is larger than the "maximum number of team members" subtracting the number of "existing team members", then error code 801 will be returned, and all users in the single invitation cannot be added to team.
802 No permissions See Status Code 802
803 Team does not exist
804 User is not in the team
805 Team type cannot be matched
806 The number of teams created reaches the limit
807 Team member status error
808 Application approved
809 User is already in the team
810 Successfully invited
Chat room
13001 IM main connection status is abnormal
13002 Chat room status is abnormal
13003 The account is within the blocklist, it is prohibited from joining the chat room
13004 Banned account, prohibited from speaking
13005 The user's profile name,profile picture in a chat room or extension field of member is filtered by anti-spam
Specific services
10431 The mailbox format is incorrect
10432 Mobile phone format is incorrect
10433 Password confirmation failed
10434 The company does not exist
10435 The login password or account is incorrect.
10436 app cannot be found
10437 Email already exists.
10438 Mobile phone number already exists.
10441 app name already exists.
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