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CommsEase services work with GuardEase capabilities of content compliance and offer all-round content moderation benefits for your apps. User-generated content in messaging is reviewed and filtered based on pre-defined rules without investment in content review. With increasingly strict laws and regulations on Internet content, the content moderation service can safeguard your business growth.

The content review service provided by GuardEase is upgraded. The service activated after April 1, 2021 is the new version of GuardEase content moderator. Compared with the legacy version, the new content moderator provides simpler integration and easy-to-use APIs.


With Content Moderator activated and review rules configured, specified types of messages are moderated by calling the corresponding APIs before being delivered to recipients. Content Moderator can handle text and image messages, profile pictures, profile attributes, and custom messages in P2P chats, group chats, chat rooms.

The following types of messages can be handled by Content Moderator:

MsgTypeEnum Description
text Text message
image Image message
audio Audio message
video Video message
location Location message
file File message
avchat Audio and video call event message
notification Notification message
tip Alert message
custom Custom message

How it works

Content Moderator provides two methods based on different types of content:

Real-time moderation Text content is moderated in real time. The CommsEase server forwards the original content for moderation and filter or deliver the moderated content to recipients. Recipient clients receive the moderation results. The CommsEase server syncs results with the app server. Clients must implement relevant business logic based on the moderation result.
Asynchronous moderation Audios, videos, and files. The CommsEase server delivers messages first, and the inappropriate content is deleted by the CommsEase server. Moderation results are synced with the app server. The app server performs operations based on moderation results. For example, recalling messages. Clients will not receive moderation results.

Moderation result

The moderation result is returned in yidunAntiSpamRes. This yidunAntiSpamRes field is in JSON string format. You can parse or convert the result into a JSON object. The yidunAntiSpamRes field is defined as follows:

code IntegerStatus code: 200, success; 404, the moderation result is empty without other fields; 414, the moderation result is too long, no ext field
type StringContent type: text or image
version StringFor information about the version field, see GuardEase Documentation
taskId StringFor information about the taskId field, see GuardEase Documentation
suggestion IntegerFor information about the suggestion field, see GuardEase Documentation
status IntegerFor information about the status field, see GuardEase Documentation
ext StringFor information about the ext field, see GuardEase Documentation

Considering the extensibility of the fields of Content Moderator for new properties, you must manage the parsing and compatibility for your app.

GuardEase Documentation

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