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Update time: 2023/01/16 14:27:09

You must create a project in the CommsEase console before you use the products or services provided by CommsEase. You can follow the steps described in this topic to create a project for your application in the CommsEase console and view the App Key of the application.

A project is the basic unit of CommsEase services. Each project is assigned a unique App Key. You can create one application for the same account system. For example, buyers and sellers belong to the same account system, and only one application is required.


  • If you have created a project, you cannot delete it. You can create projects based on your business requirements.
  • The App Key is required when you integrate your workloads into CommsEase, call server APIs, and integrate the client SDK. You must manage the App Key with care.
  • If you click Refresh decryption in the CommsEase console to refresh the App Secret, you must replace the App Secret with a new secret in your codebase.

Create Project

  1. Log on to the CommsEase console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, find Project and click Create.

    If you create an application for the first time, click Create First Application.


  1. Enter the basic information of the application.

    Parameter Description
    Name The name of the application can contain Chinese characters, letters, digits, and special characters. The name must be 1 to 20 characters in length.
    Industry The industry to which the application belongs.
    Introduction Brief description of the application. This is optional and helps you identify the application.


  1. Click Create.

    You can view the application in the left navigation pane after you create the application.

Get the AppKey

  1. In the left-side navigation pane, find your project and click the project name.

  2. Click App Key Management.

  3. View the App Key of the project.


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