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CommsEase IM

Based on the technical expertise in Instant Messaging(IM) for over 20 years, CommsEase has devoted itself to developing CommsEase IM service into a stable IM platform. The service we provide has a set of full-featured IM features. With the platform, you can fast integrate the IM and real-time network capability into specific applications. In different scenarios, CommsEase provides a series of products and technical solutions, including IM client components, IM client base library, all-platform SDK, and server API. With such solutions, enterprises may build IM products in their applications, and create their IM scenes. CommsEase IM SDK may rapidly enable common features, including private message, instant messaging, message notification, and in-game communication, and completely create large user-level social products including WeChat, bullet SMS, and CommsEase.

IM Framework



One-to-one chat

One-to-one chat supports such message types as texts, images, voice, video, locations, files, notifications, tips, chatbots, custom messages. It also supports offline messages, roaming messages, multi-client sync, cloud history records, and push notifications.

Refer to Basic message features of IM for details.

Team chat

CommsEase provides two types of Team chat: ordinary team and advanced group. The advanced team has more permissions, and the two types of team chat have the same API procedure. We recommend selecting either team type to develop your app.

Refer to IM Group features for details.

Chat room

Chat room is not as organized as groups. Users can flexibly join and leave a chat room. Typical user cases are group chat in entertainment and educational live streaming.

Refer to IM chat room features for details.

User information hosting

CommsEase IM supports user profile hosting, including account, nickname, gender, display picture, signature, phone number, email, date of birth, and extension field. User information hosting is optional. You can implement it as needed.

For the development and integration of user profile hosting, see:

User relationship hosting

User relationship hosting is mainly used to manage the friendship between users. The features enable you to add friends, delete friends, manage friend lists, and blocklist users.

For the development and integration of user relationship hosting, see:

Message push

Since v3.2.0, CommsEase IM SDK has integrated third-party message push to quickly deliver messages. Now, the third-party message pushes are available on Google FCM, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Meizu. Based on CommsEase SDK, developers can quickly access the third-party message delivery. In some cases, when CommsEase SDK disconnects from the server, the third-party platform pushes messages to users who can receive messages as early as possible.

For the development and integration of push notifications, see:

Message delivery

Message delivery we provide is a message sync service. By enabling the service, the SDK can sync data such as messages and events to third-party developer servers. Therefore, developers can implement such features as message history storage, online status sync of users, and emergency management.

For details, refer to Message delivery service

Event subscription

CommsEase IM 3.6.0 introduces the event subscription and publish mechanism. Based on event subscription, In the IM Demo, you can display online status. Developers can experience the demo in specific scenarios.

For the development and integration of event subscription, see:

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