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CommsEase Instant Messaging (IM) is a cloud-based instant messaging platform based on the technical expertise and industrial practice for over 20 years. The IM service provides full-fledged basic instant messaging capabilities. IM allows you to embed instant messaging and real-time optimized network capabilities into your business applications.

This document describes how to integrate CommsEase IM into your apps.



Integrate IM

If you are new to Instant Messaging, you can learn about our products, concepts, and limits in the following documents:

1. Create an account"

If you do not have a CommsEase account, sign up.

If you already have a CommsEase account, log in.

2. Create an application

After you log in to the CommsEase console, click the New Project button on the left-side pane to create a new project for you app.

You can configure the IM service as shown below after you create the project.

You can get AppKey and App Secret for your project in the AppKey tab.

3. Integrate accounts

See integrate accounts and login

4. Integrate SDK

Download SDK

See the following documents for integrating the SDK for your platform:

5. Work with server APIs

Use the demo

Use the demo app for messaging features, such as P2P chat, group chat, chat room, online status, and chatbot. The demo app is available for iOS, Android, Windows, desktop web, and mobile web. Source code and guide of the demo are available for download.

Use the demo app and download the source code

Guide for the demo source code

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  • Integrate IM
  • 1. Create an account"
  • 2. Create an application
  • 3. Integrate accounts
  • 4. Integrate SDK
  • 5. Work with server APIs
  • Use the demo