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Update time: 2021/12/03 18:16:42


Feature Description
Content Max. length of body field: 5000 characters
Image message No restriction. We recommend to restrict upon service scenario.
Voice Default recording duration: 120s (supporting user-defined configuration). No restriction for file size. We recommend to restrict upon service scenario.
Video No restriction for video duration and file size. We recommend to restrict upon service scenario.
File No restriction for SDK uploading size. Max. size of server uploading file: 15 M. We recommend to restrict upon service scenario.
Offline message For Peer-to-peer chat: Issue recent 5000 offline messages within 30 days (max. 100 for a session).
For team chat: Issue offline messages within 30ays (max. 100 for a session).
[Note]: The chat room does not support offline message.
Roaming message Automatic roaming for recent 100 sessions within 7 days and recent 100 messages for each session.
Duration of history for one-to-one chat / team chat Free edition: 7 days; professional edition: 1 year, extensible to max. 3 years (value-added feature)
Duration of history for chat room 10 days
NOS Cloud Storage Free edition: 1 TB; professional edition: 1 TB, extensible to max. 1000 TB (value-added feature)

For charges of above value-added features, see Pricing.


Feature Description
Number of friends A maximum of 3000 friends can be added.

User profile

Parameter Type Description
accid String User account. The maximum is 32 characters in length.The account must be the unique account in APP.
name String User profile name. The maximum is 64 characters in length.
icon String User icon. The maximum is 1024 characters in length.
sign String User signature. The maximum is 256 characters in length.
email String User email. The maximum is 64 characters in length.
birth String User birthday. The maximum is 16 characters.
mobile String User mobile. The maximum is 32 characters. Only domestic phone numbers are supported.
gender int User gender. The value of 0 indicates unknown; The value of 1 indicates male; The value of 2 indicates female; Others values indicates error parameters.
ex String Extension field of user name card. The maximum is 1024 characters. User can extend independently. We recommend to package into JSON character string.


Feature Description
Team capacity 200 members/team. No distinction between ordinary team and advanced team. Extensible to max. 500 members/team (value-added feature).
Number of created groups Advanced team: 100 groups/person (Free edition: 50 groups/person), extensible to max. 2000 groups/person (value-added feature). No restriction for ordinary team.
Number of joined groups 5000 groups/person, including ordinary team and advanced team.

For charges of above value-added features,see rates

Chat room

Feature Description
Capacity of chat room No restriction
Number of created chat rooms 200 chat rooms/person. For extension, please contact customer administrator.
Users can join into the same chat room simultaneously from multiple clients. Users are allowed to join into the chat room simultaneously from one client in default. User console supports configuration.

For configuration of user console, please visit

Event Subscription (Online Status)

Feature Description
Subscription limit Users can subscribe online state events of specified staff. The maximum number of effective subscription accounts cannot exceed 3000.
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