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Update time: 2021/09/25 21:28:13

NetEase is one of the largest and earliest instant messaging (IM) developers in China. From NetEase POPO to EasyChat, NetEase has accumulated a lot of experience in communication technology for over 20 years. With those products that have high stability and reliability in communication capability, developers can integrate the IM feature into APPs at lower costs.

CommsEase SDK (NIM SDK) provides a complete IM feature development framework for mobile applications. By virtue of blocking complex internal details and providing relatively simple API interfaces externally, this framework can facilitate fast integration of IM features by third-party applications. SDK for Linux is completely developed with C language and provides an external C interface.

Feature Introduction

  • Point-to-point chat

    One-on-one chat. CommsEase SDK supports the use of text, images, audio, geographic location, files, custom messages, etc. Developers can customize message behaviors according to their own needs, including attachment download, unread, push, etc.

  • Team chat

    Multi-person team chat. There are two types of teams, namely normal team and advanced team, the former is similar to a discussion group with no permission settings and suitable for the scene of quickly creating a multi-person chat session; the latter has more permission settings than a normal team does, including more advanced features such as invitation verification method, managers permissions, mute, etc., which is thus suitable for more complex customized scenarios.

    Limits are imposed on the number of members in team chat. We recommend using chat room if there are more than 1,000 members in the chat.

  • Chat room

    Chat room is the solution for team chat among ten thousand users or more, and is suitable for business scenes such as game-streaming, online teaching, telemedicine, etc. There is no limit on the number of members in the chat room and basic entitlement services are provided.

    The link needs to be re-established when entering a chat room. In addition, since there are usually a great number of messages in the chat rooms, the SDK does not provide the messages storage service, which needs to be implemented in the top-level module. We recommend using team chat if the number of members in the chat is less than 1,000.

  • Data hosting service

    CommsEase provides an optional service for user data hosting. Based on their personal preferences, developers may allow user data to be managed by CommsEase or manage the information by themselves on application servers.

  • High resolution voice

    CommsEase provides the feature of audio play and HD voice recording, which supports AAC and AMR formats.

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