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NetEase is one of the largest and earliest instant messaging (IM) developers in China. From NetEase POPO to EasyChat, NetEase has accumulated a lot of experience in communication technology for over 20 years. With those products that have high stability and reliability in communication capability, developers can integrate the IM feature into APPs at lower costs.

Cocos2d-x SDK enables game developers to conveniently develop IM features that CommsEase offer. Currently, developers can only implement IM features on the Windows, Android, and iOS by using C++.

Feature Introduction

  • Point-to-point chat

    One-on-one chat. CommsEase SDK has many capabilities such as texting, images, audio, geographic location, files, and custom messages. In the business scenario, developers can customize message behaviors such as attachment download, unread messages, push notifications as required.

  • Group chat Multi-person group chat. We provide normal group and advanced group. The former similar to a discussion group has no permission. Users can create a normal group to deliver a multi-person chat. Different from the normal group, advanced group has more permission settings such as invitation verification method, manager permissions, mute. The feature applies to more complex scenarios that require more custom services.

Group chat has a member capacity. Therefore, we recommend using the chat room feature when members have exceeded over 1000 in a group chat.

  • Chat room

    Chat room is designed for a group chat with ten thousand or more users. The feature applies to business scenarios such as game live streaming, online teaching, and telemedicine. The scenario has no members capacity with basic permission services are provided.

    When entering a chat room, network reconnection is required. In most cases, SDK does not store messages for many messages in the scenario. Top-level modules need to implement the message storage need. We recommend using the group chat when members are less than one thousand.

  • Data hosting service

    CommsEase provides an optional service of data hosting for users. Based on personal preferences, developers can host user data to CommsEase, or they can manage the data on application servers.

  • Push notification

    CommsEase provides a push notification service that aligns with APNs. In one-to-one chat and group chat, developers can customize push notifications such as texts, cue tones, and icons . In an audio and video call, with PushKit service integrated, developers can develop a call interface and deliver smooth call experiences to users.

  • High-resolution audio

    CommsEase provides audio playback and recording, which support AAC and AMR formats.

  • Client anti-spam

    CommsEase Cocos2d-x SDK supports the Keyword infiltration feature. After configuring keywords in the backstage management system, users can call the interface to perform infiltration when sending messages.

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  • Feature Introduction