Upgrade services

Update time: 2023/02/09 07:21:14

The IM Basic service is automatically activated after you create your project. If you have additional requirements, you can upgrade your IM Basic to IM Pro in the console.

IM Pro supports P2P chat, group chat, text, image, audio, video, location and messages of other types for platforms, such as Android, iOS, PC, and Web, and supports custom messages to meet your personalized needs. You can contact the business manager using WhatsApp on the CommsEase website for your specific requirements.


A project has been created in the CommsEase console. For more information, see Create an application.

Upgrade services

  1. Log on to the CommsEase console.

  2. Click the specified application name in the left navigation pane to enter the details page of the application.

  3. In the Product Management section, click Upgrade to IM Pro.

  4. Configure Estimated Daily Active Users and Value-added features and select Duration.

  5. Confirm the amount, select I have read and agree to the CommsEase Terms of Service, and click Submit。 For information about the specific billing rules, you can consult the business manager.

  1. Confirm the amount on the Payment page, select the payment method, and click Pay Now. After the payment is complete, the IM Pro service becomes available.
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