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Based on technical accumulation in IM for over 20 years, NetEase devotes to developing ConnectEase IM Service into a stable and reliable IM platform. IM Service provides a complete set of basic IM functions. With the platform service, IM and real-time network function can be fast integrated into enterprise applications.

This document can guide you to integrate ConnectEase IM into your App.

Introduction to framework


Steps of access

0. Know ConnectEase IM Service

For beginners, you can read the following documents to get main functions, related concepts, and service restriction of our product:

1. Create account

If you have not registered a CommsEase account, see Sign up.

If you have a CommsEase account, you can Log in.

2. Create App

After successful login, you can click left "Create App" button to create a new App.

After successful creation of App, you can configure IM functions under App Detail Page as shown below.

You can get important information about the App under "App Key Management", for example, "App Key" and "App Secret".

3. Account integration

See Account integration and login

4. Client integration

Download client SDK: Download SDK

Documents of client SDK integration:

5. Server integration

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  • Introduction
  • Introduction to framework
  • Steps of access
  • 0. Know ConnectEase IM Service
  • 1. Create account
  • 2. Create App
  • 3. Account integration
  • 4. Client integration
  • 5. Server integration