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Update time: 2023/09/13 08:57:38

If you have created an application, activate or try products and services for the application, including instant messaging, audio &video calling, and SMS.

This page describes how to activate products and services in the console.


  • To activate Instant Messaging and Audio/Video Calling, you must subscribe to the services at least 6 months for the first time.
  • For Interactive Whiteboard, subscription for one month is required for the first time.
  • To activate Live streaming and Video-on-demand services, submit a ticket for activation.
  • Use SMS packs or account balance to activate the SMS service.


  • You have created a CommsEase account and completed the real-name verification. For information about the real-name verification, see Real-name verification.
  • An application has been created in the console. For information about how to create an application, see Creating an application.


  1. Log in to the CommsEase console..

  2. Click the application for which you want to activate services in the Applications section on the homepage.

  3. Select the services you want to activate from the Features on the left-side navigation panel. For example, to activate Instant Messaging.

  4. Click Free Trial or Activate.

  5. Configure the service based on your requirements. The console will generate the estimated cost. Set an amount not less than the estimated cost.

    For specific billing models, see Billing Methods or consult the sales.

  6. Select I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and click Submit.

  7. Confirm whether to activate the service on the Confirmation page, and click COnfirm.

  • Make sure that your account has a sufficient balance for activating services.
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