Individual authentication

Update time: 2023/09/13 08:41:36

If the CommsEase account and the resources that belongs to the account are owned by individuals, you are required to authenticate your personal identity.


  • The resources under the CommsEase account belongs to an individual. Therefore, contracts and VAT electronic standard invoices are issued in the name of the individual.
  • Accounts authenticated with individual identities can activate the SMS service for free trials but cannot buy SMS packs.
  • Accounts authenticated with enterprise identities cannot be changed to individual real-name authentication.

Real-name authentication affects the ownership of accounts and resources. If a corporate account uses personal information for real-name authentication, personnel changes or account disputes may affect the business of the company and even cause economic losses. Before authenticating your account, make sure that the resources you purchase and use on CommsEase belong to an individual or enterprise.

Perform individual real-name authentication

  1. Log in to the CommsEase console.

  2. Go to the authentication page by following the instructions of the dialog that appears. You can also navigate to the authentication page on the upper-right corner of your account.

  3. Choose Individual Authentication on the page and click Start.


  4. Enter the required information on the page.

    Select ID Type and enter Name and ID Number. Select Agree and confirm the above authentication tips and click Next.

    • Available document options for selection include ID card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan, and passport.
    • If you choose Hong Kong-Macao Travel Permit, Taiwan Travel Permit, or Passport, you must opt for Bank Card Authentication as the verification method. The document holder must possess a bank card issued by a bank located in Mainland China.
    • Customers facing difficulties with online authentication can reach out to our Business Manager for help.
  5. Select I have read and agree to the eSignature Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, and click Agree and Continue.

  6. Follow the prompts to complete the real-name authentication.

  7. Upon successful completion, you will receive a confirmation that your personal real-name authentication is done.

Updating authenticated information

If there's a change in the account owner or the basic details, update the real-name authentication information for that account.

After completing individual real-name authentication, you cannot modify the subject of personal real-name authentication for 30 days. You can upgrade to corporate real-name authentication at any time.

  1. Sign in to the CommsEase console.

  2. Go to Real-Name Authentication in the dropdown menu at the upper right corner of the page.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. In the dialog box, click Continue.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your personal information.

    Refer to the steps to perform individual real-name authentication.

Changing Authentication Type

If the account owner changes from an individual to an enterprise, you must switch the account's authentication type to Enterprise Real-Name Authentication.

Note that authenticated enterprise accounts cannot be reverted to individual authenticated accounts, so exercise caution.

  1. Log in to the CommsEase console.
  2. ClickReal Name Authentication from the drop-down menu at the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Choose Upgrade.
  4. Confirm by clicking Continue in the dialog.
  5. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the authentication. For the detailed steps of enterprise authentication, see Enterprise Real-Name Authentication Procedure.
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