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Code Status Table

Update time: 2021/12/03 18:09:13

Status Codes

Status code Description
200 The operation succeeded.
201 Incorrect client version. You must upgrade the SDK.
301 The account or channel is banned.
302 Incorrect user name or password.
315 IP address restriction.
403 Invalid operation or no permission
404 No object found
405 The parameter length is too long
406 Read-only object
408 Client request times out
413 SMS verification failed
414 Error parameters
415 Client network issue
416 Rate upper limit is reached.
417 Repeated operation
418 SMS channel is not available
419 The quantity exceeds the upper limit
422 Account is banned.
423 Account is muted.
431 HTTP request is repeated.
500 Server internal error.
503 Server is busy.
508 Message recall times out.
509 Invalid protocol.
514 Service unavailable.
998 Unpacking error.
999 Packaging error.
801 The number of team members exceeds the upper limit.
802 No permissions.
803 Team does not exist.
804 User does not join the team.
805 Team type does not match.
806 The number of teams created reaches the upper limit.
807 Team member status error.
808 Application approved.
809 User is already in the team.
810 Successfully invited.
811 The number of @ mentioned accounts exceeds the upper limit.
812 The team is muted, and ordinary members are not allowed to send messages.
813 Successful partial invitation of team members.
814 Team read receipt is prohibited.
815 The number of team administrators exceeds the upper limit.
Audio & video calls and whiteboard
9102 Channel fails.
9103 The call is responded on other device.
11001 The call is unreachable, and the caller goes offline.
Chat room
13001 IM connection is abnormal.
13002 Chat room status is abnormal.
13003 The account is in the blocklist, it is prohibited from joining the chat room.
13004 Banned accounts are not allowed to send messages.
13005 The profile name and profile picture in a chat room or extension field of a member is filtered by the anti-spam service.
Specific services
10431 The mailbox format is invalid.
10432 Mobile phone format is invali.
10433 Password confirmation failed.
10434 The company does not exist.
10435 Incorrect login account or password.
10436 App cannot be found.
10437 Email already exists.
10438 Mobile phone number already exists.
10441 app name already exists.
10404 The room does not exist
10405 The room already exists
10406 The user is not in the room
10407 The user already exists in the room
10408 Invitation does not exist or has expired.
10409 Invitation is rejected.
10410 Invitation is accepted.
10201 The CommsEase account of a peer is offline.
10202 The CommsEase account of a peer is offline, and push notifications can not be delivered.
10419 The number of room members reaches the upper limit.
10420 The user already exists in the room (joining from other ends)
10417 Duplicate Uids.
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