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Chat Room

Update time: 2022/06/28 18:56:36


A chat room is not as organized as a group chat. Users may enter and leave a chat room freely. In general, a chat room has no fixed member architecture. Typical chat rooms scenarios are live streaming for entertainment and education. You need to pay for the chat room feature in addition to IM features. Chat room is a paid expansion feature, which should be purchased for basic IM features.

A chat room or a group chat?

The number of online users who join a chat room is unlimited. By default, a group can have up to 200 or more. But the number of users in a group is limited. In IM scenarios with a large number of users, we recommend using the chat room.

However, group chat is not appropriate for all IM scenarios with few users. For example, a chat room may be used although 4 players exchange with each other in a chess and card game. Due to the temporary nature of a chess and card room, players might leave or enter the room at any time. If a group is used, the developer is unable to handle any disconnection in abordinary cases.

Anyone may enter and exit a chat room like a plaza at any time. Like a company, a group is a more private organization, which only the internal members may enter. To be a member, either active application or invitation by others is acceptable.

With the multi-layer architecture design, CommsEase IM chat room provides a large chat room with unlimited members, ensuring real-time messages delivery.


Features Description
Capacity Unlimited.
Create a chat room A new chat room can be created by the server only.
Query chat room information The information includes the creator, number of online users, name, announcement, live streaming URL, extension field, update notification time,and notification event extension field.
Update chat room information The information includes the creator, number of online users, name, announcement, live streaming URL, extension field, update notification time,and notification event extension field.
Modify the on/off status The on/off status of a chat room can be updated by the server only.
Chat room message type Texts, images, voices, videos, files, locations, notification messages, tip messages, custom messages are supported.
Historical messages Query the historical messages for the recent 10 days, and set whether to select a cloud record storage when sending messages.
Role in Chat Room Fixed members and non-fixed members are included in a chat room.
Fixed members include the creator, manager,and ordinary members. Non-fixed members include ordinary visitors and anonymous visitors.
The blocklist After being blocklisted, one cannot join the chat room.
Mute Muted users can stay in the chat room, but cannot send messages.
Temporary mute Allows to set the duration of temporary mute and unmutes members beyond the duration.
Global mute If the status is set to be globally muted, only the creator and administrator can speak.
Members removal Only the administrator can remove members. To remove an administrator, only the creator has permission.
Modify member information in the chat room Currently, only the nickname, profile pictures, and extension field can be updated.
Enter several chat rooms at the same time A user can enter multiple chat rooms with the same account.
Enter a chat room on multiple clients at the same time A user can enter a chat room on multiple clients.
Chatbot Add robots to and delete robots from the chat room (up to 100 accounts each time).
TopN index query Query the TopN data concerning the number of persons in the chat room, the number of active users, and the number of messages per hour/day.
Chat room queue It is applied in the scenario of linking microphone for live streaming.

To update the strategy of entering a chat room on multiple clients, log in to the CommsEase Console, and enter the Feature Configuration under the corresponding App IM features for configuration.

Roles in Chat Room

Fixed members and non-fixed members are included in a chat room.

  • As permanent members of a chat room, fixed member information may be acquired as chat room members, no matter whether they are online/in the chat room. Fixed members currently include the creator, administrator and ordinary members
  • Non-fixed members include ordinary visitors and anonymous visitors.After leaving the chat room or going offline, visitors will be no longer in the list of chat room users
Role Description
Creator A creator has the highest authority. He has permissions on designating an administrator, blocklisting, muting, removing and setting ordinary members
Administrator Administrator has the authority of blacklisting, mute, remove and ordinary members setting
ordinary members Primarily different from visitors, ordinary member information can be acquired as chat room members even though they are not online.
ordinary visitors ordinary visitors are the users entering a chat room in the login status, and not set as fixed members
Anonymous visitors Anonymous visitors may enter a chat room without login. Unlike a ordinary visitor, an anonymous visitor cannot complete such operations such as message sending, mute, blocklisting or designating an administrator or ordinary members.

Developer resources

For the chat room client development guide, see:

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