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Getting Started

Update time: 2022/10/27 11:41:20


Based on technical expertise in IM for over 20 years, CommsEase is dedicated to providing stable and reliable IM services. The services we provide have a set of full-featured IM features. The platform helps you quickly integrate the IM and real-time network capability into your applications.

This topic describes how to integrate the CommsEase IM service with your app.



Integration procedure

To get started with the CommsEase IM service, you can see the following documents to understand the features, introduction, and limits.

1. Create your account

If you have not registered a CommsEase account, see Sign up.

If you have a CommsEase account, you can Log in.

2. Create a project

To create a project, you must log on to the CommsEase console and click Create Project in the left navigation menu.

You can configure the IM feature on the project page.

You can get information such as App Key and App Secret on the "App Key management” page.

3. Account integration

See Account integration and login

4. Client integration

Documents of client SDK integration:

5. Server integration

For information about how to integrate with the Server, see Server API Document

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  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Integration procedure
  • 1. Create your account
  • 2. Create a project
  • 3. Account integration
  • 4. Client integration
  • 5. Server integration